Get the Best Structured Cabling and Network Facility in UAE

Getting the best Structured Cabling and Network Facility in the UAE is only accomplished by having very professional IT Company doing the work.

Structured cabling has to be done meticulously during the fit-out or it could cause multiple problems after your office is complete. Proper planning and procurement is the key. A professional IT company will ensure all of the right cables are place and marked properly.   Customization in planning is required as not every office is the same. One wrongly marked or a damaged cable can cause long delays in completion of the facility. One time deadlines could be lost due to poorly pulled cabling.

Your office will be your command center for your business in the UAE. Your internal network will need to meet the needs of your company and its employees. IT equipment on your network will need to be secure and have fail-safes in place.  Multiple ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will help to keep your network up and running if you have multiple locations in your network.

When you design your office you must consider growth. Ask yourself “how can I change my furniture in the future to meet the needs of a growing staff.  You can choose to design your office for elegance and comfort but later you may realize you want to move your furniture around and eliminate a lounge area to put a needed cubicle in its place. Adding the extra outlets and running the cabling for future growth can save you a lot of money and time later.

COMMit has a full fit-out package. We can design your office with our Design Works Company and build it from the ground up. Our IT Integration Company has 10 years’ experience designing networks and installing structured cabling. From fit-out to fitting you in your new office COMMit will give you a completed elegant office that suits your taste. We are confident that we can give you the best structured cabling network facility in the UAE. COMMit has completed 1000+ projects in the UAE.


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