Benefit your business with Customized ELV Integration Service

Your company’s image and productivity is important in today’s growing markets. A customized ELV integration will make your facility stand out. Regardless of your industry having an ELV solution that fits your industry is important.

COMMit can provide the right customized ELV integration solutions regardless of your industry. From complete secure room surveillance to complete IP control devices COMMit can design the best ELV solution for you.

The hospitality industry excels through its image. A customized ELV integration solution can make your facility stand out among others bringing customers to your doorstep. Right from security to the correct lighting and from signage to your IT needs we can make you stand out from your competitors.

Our Healthcare ELV integration services come completed with an all in one IP controls pad for your patients. Your healthcare staff caters to many patients daily with a heavy workload. Our ELV integration solution can take away some of the work. We offer an IP total control Pad allowing patients to control their rooms without needing the assistance of healthcare staff. The patient will have touch controls at their reach enabling them to control their room climate, lighting, window shades, television, and communications. Our IP control pad will take away many items in the patient’s room ensuring more hygienic & sanitary conditions for your patients. If a patient needs technical work he doesn’t have to disturbthe Nurse caring for other patients. With our IP controls pad he can directly call the technical team with our Tech Call Button next to the Nurse Call Button.

Our ELV integration services cater to your real estate, residential complexes, villas, and resorts as well. We can give you the look and controls to make you stand out in your industry. Please contact us for more information about our customized ELV integration services and for Hospitality, Healthcare, Real-estate, residential complexes, Villas, Resorts etc. services.


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