Business Benefits of Cloud Computing Companies in UAE

Many businesses have come to realize the benefits of cloud computing here in the UAE. Removing the element of equipment maintenance and putting the IT environment in the cloud has proven to be much more beneficial. Taking away the cost of maintenance and the worry of failure has assured managers that Cloud computing is an easier way to manage their business.

Cloud computing with services hosted at a secure reliable data center will assure continued services around the world when a region is going through a national disaster. During a local data center disaster IT infrastructure can be lost losing all the data and applications. Cloud computing is usually hosted in data centers with self-sustainable generation power. A professional data center would maximize its sustainability with a large capacity fuel supply and a contract with a local fuel supplier.

The majority of office buildings today rely on grid power from local power stations. When the power within the grid goes down so does the power to the buildings. Most company data centers have UPS’s which will only supply a couple of hours of backup power to a local data center. If a server is not shut down properly before the UPS drains damage to the hard drives or other components can occur. During this down time business production time is lost.

Businesses hosting their infrastructure in local data centers have found the value of backing up their servers to the cloud. If at all a catastrophe occurs at the company’s data center a new server could be setup within hours with the data backed up to the cloud.

COMMit hosts it’s COMMit in the Cloud in the world renowned Equinix data center. Equinix’s facility hosts a backup generation system with a sustainability of 36 hours. This continued source of power is designed to replace grid power within seconds to a network of UPS’s. Our cloud servers will never know the power source was replaced.

About The Author: 

COMMit is one of the leading IT & Telecom solutions providers in UAE and has mastered the art of IT and Telecom solutions with more than a decade of experience in the field. Commit is known for the ability to deliver complex and customized solutions in the field with unmatched customer support. They offer services to a variety of industries like Hospitality, Health, and Construction etc. and have delivered more than a 1000 projects within the UAE.


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