Have a Look at Cloud Computing Companies in UAE

There are many companies offering Cloud Computing in the UAE. The majority however host their cloud services outside of the UAE. Most offer services provided by other companies which are hosting their cloud services outside of the UAE. If the data is being stored in server in another country then many a time’s people and businesses find it difficult to build trust and question the security of the data. The security of your data can be compromised allowing unknown illegal access to your company’s proprietary data. Although, if the company which is hosting your cloud services is based here in the UAE, then it endorses and safeguards the security of your data.

It is important for companies to investigate where their data is being stored. Storing your data in local secure cloud facility will insure your data remains yours. Many companies don’t realize that the cloud is simply a server being leased in another building possibly at the IT service provider’s office or at a location globally in someone else’s office building.

This year COMMit launched COMMit in the Cloud offering cloud services to all of its customers. COMMit’s cloud services are hosted at the world renowned Equinix Data Center right here in Dubai. Equinix has data centers located around the world. The data center security is only matched by government agencies making Equinix Data Centers of most secure facilities available. Equinix’s failsafe disaster plan is employed with its own power generation facility. In the invent of a national disaster causing loss of the power grid Equinix’s facility will switch to generation power supplying the right amount of power needed to its UPS system insuring your data remains live and accessible at all times. COMMit offers data center tours to its customers to show the security and quality of the data center where their data is being hosted.

About The Author: 

COMMit is one of the leading IT & Telecom solutions providers in UAE and has mastered the art of IT and Telecom solutions with more than a decade of experience in the field. Commit is known for the ability to deliver complex and customized solutions in the field with unmatched customer support. They offer services to a variety of industries like Hospitality, Health, and Construction etc. and have delivered more than a 1000 projects within the UAE.


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