ELV System Integration – Technology to Build Business

ELV (extra-low voltage) Systems are becoming widely used across all industries.  From healthcare to government, ELV System Integration has become a technology to build businesses.  Interior design of most facilities is now using elv systems for many production solutions.

Modern extra-low voltage interior lighting, access control systems and many other applications have lowed electrical cost and brought innovative solutions to SME and Enterprise businesses.   ELV System Integration solutions have given security solutions to many companies while ensuring the highest security solutions available.

ELV is used for a wide range of solutions.   CCTV and Video monitoring uses ELV to watch over your business to ensure it’s security.  Access control systems allow access to your facility for those whom you allow.  Displays and Alarm systems with ELV integration let you know when something is wrong or just to alert you of a condition at a specific time.  Through ELV your Centralized Monitoring Systems let you know the conditions of all of your different connections.  A video intercom system used indoor and outdoor can let you decide who you let in.

With ELV System Integration new innovations have evolved allowing a hospital patient to operate all of his needs from one touch pad.  Answering the phone, calling the nurse, changing the tv stations, dimming the lights or contacting the maintenance department to come change a light bulb, the patient has everything at his fingertips through ELV Integration.

COMMit is an ELV System Integrator company providing ELV solutions to many of its customers.  Regardless of your requirement we can design the right solution for your business.  Contact us today for your ELV System Integration needs.


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