Polycom Distributor in Dubai Provides Top Quality Telecom Service

Polycom has become the leading manufacturer in telepresence, video and voice conferencing equipment.  Polycom has brought the world together with its innovative products.  Through Polycom global businesses have brought the international branches together with the main office allowing corporate meetings and trainings.

COMMit is a Polycom Distributor in Dubai providing top quality telecom services to the UAE.  Partnered with du Telecommunications, COMMit can offer legal video conferencing solutions at the right price for your business. COMMit has completed 1000s of projects to include many Polycom installations.

Polycom products save companies around the world large amounts in expenditures.  Travel, accommodations, food, and transportation by allowing the company to connect through telepresence.  Face to face conversations are made from around the world through Polycom.  Teachers in one country teach classes in other countries. Seminars are held globally instead of in halls.  Polycom equipment has taking the need of expensive business travel out of corporations causing savings and growth in companies.

COMMit is a Polycom Distributor in the UAE with qualified engineers to answer all of your telecom questions and needs.  Let our engineers fill your telecom service needs.


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