Top Qualities of Polycom Equipment Providers in Dubai

Polycom has been in the business of bringing people, teams and businesses together with their solutions for over 24 years. Polycom thrives in innovation and new technologies.  They lead the way in the industry of video conferencing but are into many other industries continuing to step up their notability through their intelligent solutions.

With many Polycom Equipment Providers in Dubai to choose from Polycom has partnered with many distributors to distribute their equipment.  Becoming a distributor for Polycom means the distributor has certified and qualified through Polycom.

Anyone can sell you Polycom equipment but the Top Qualities of Polycom Equipment Providers in Dubai are found in the ones that have certified engineers to support the equipment they sell you by also partnering with Polycom to do so.  There are many qualities you can look for in Polycom Equipment Providers but the main ones are the number of certified sales and technical staff through a Polycom Partnership.

Buying from uncertified staff may mean you didn’t get the right solution for your business. It may also mean you could have been sold unauthentic equipment.   Unauthentic equipment has been a big issue in Dubai.  With so many companies building counterfeit equipment to cut into market share by posing as a brand manufacturers that lead the market has become a common event.  The chances of getting counterfeit equipment has risen significantly over the past 5 years.

By visiting the Polycom website you can find distributors and resellers that are certified and qualified to get you the equipment you need.

COMMit is a Certified Polycom Partner with 1000s of projects completed in the UAE.  COMMit is sure to have the right Polycom solutions for your business.  Our certified sales and technical teams can provide the right mix Polycom equipment to serve your video conferencing needs.  Contact us today with your inquiries.


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