Easiest Way of PABX Installation and Configuration in Dubai!

A PABX is a management device for your telephony system. Before the PABX there was the PBX where connections had to be made manually. With the PABX came the Automatic connections. A PBX is still commonly used, but all of them today are becoming more and more user friendly but they still take a certified engineer to manage. With many manufacturers the easiest way of having a PABX installation and configuration in Dubai is to have an IT company which is certified and partnered with the major manufacturers providing PABXs.

There are many different configurations within the software of the PABXs. A proper IT telephony solutions provider will be able to give you the correct customized solution for your telephony setup. Regardless of the telephony network design the IT telephony solutions providers will be able to give you proper cable structuring to all of your needed points.

COMMit is an IT telephony solutions provider. With 1000s of projects completed COMMit is sure to have the right solution for your business needs. COMMit has partnered with multiple PABX hardware manufacturers and distributors to provide you the best prices available. COMMit has certified engineers ready to come out and take down your requirements to get you the right PABX for your business configured and customized to your business needs. Contact COMMit today with your inquiries or PABX needs.


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