Getting the Most from your DU Managed Services

Du’s Managed Services is a good way for a new business to get started. Everything you need in packages that fit your new budget. Regardless of what you need in Telecom services Du Managed Services has a package for you.

To get the most out of your du Managed Services you need to know what is all offered verses your needs. Sitting with a du representative to discuss your business plan will allow our du representative to give you a detailed review of how du Managed Services can strengthen your business.

Knowing what du Managed Services offers can save your company money. You may be paying a lot for a bandwidth package that you don’t need. Configuring a PABX correctly may mean you don’t need the extra landlines. A du business representative will give you good advice and an understanding of the products and services offered.

du offers multiple internet solutions for your business. Along with the internet solutions du offers Managed Data Center. du will manage your entire data center allowing you the freedom to manage your business worry free of IT failures. du’s Data Center Management is second to none with its highly qualified engineers. Special solutions such as IT Automation and Infrastructure as a Service is also offered. du offers DDoS Protection for its hosted services.

du’s Mobile Managed Services offers Mobile Device Management and Mobile Security Devices. Allowing you flexibility to control your corporate mobile devices, du’s Mobile Managed Services gives you a way to control your user’s mobiles remotely with a view of the uses. With du’s Mobile Managed Services you can choose what apps are allowed on the mobile devices.

COMMit, du’s 2014 Top Partner is partnered with du to offer du Managed Services to its client base. COMMit has multiple locations where you can stop to discuss your Telecom needs. Our trained and qualified staff will help you design the best managed service solution for your company. Contact COMMit today to discuss how we can help you through du’s Managed Services (800-COMMit).


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