Need of Cloud Computing in UAE to Enhance your Business

Cloud computing has become the way of the future. Many companies are finding it smart and economical to move to Cloud Computing. Most of your large software companies have moved to cloud computing and offer services from it.

Cloud Computing offers many options to provide you with a secure solution, a disaster recovery option and 100% uptime guarantee. By moving to Cloud Computing you can enhance your business and move it into the next generation of computing.

Cloud computing ensures access from anywhere in the world to data you may be limited to access over your local devices. Cloud computing will save you a great amount of money in IT infrastructure maintenance and replacement. The server shelf life is only 3 years. After 3 years you will see the degradation in services from your server and begin spending a lot of money in maintenance cost. Cloud computing is a worry free way of managing your IT infrastructure.

Moving to Microsoft’s Office 365 or to Gmail Apps is a form of Cloud Computing. Each offer great advantages to local infrastructure uses. Having your Microsoft Exchange / mail servers on a local server can mean significant downtime if it crashes. Microsoft Exchange / mail servers tend to take up needed resources and space on servers.

There are many options for Cloud Computing. Backing up to the cloud is one of the smartest solutions a business can turn to. The need of cloud computing in the UAE to enhance your business and ensure better performance will outweigh the concerns you may have in moving to the cloud.

COMMit offers Cloud Computing solutions. COMMit in the Cloud was launched last year and has made major strides in business for COMMit. COMMit in the Cloud offers backup services for your personal computers, laptops and servers. COMMit in the Cloud also offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). COMMit is partnered with Microsoft and Du to offer Office 365. Contact us today to discuss enhancing your company with Cloud Computing solutions.


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