Reliable Mobile Service Providers in Dubai

With only 2 telecommunications companies in Dubai there are many Mobile Service Providers offering their services. Many are here to make the sale and disappear. Finding a Reliable Mobile Service Provider in Dubai can be cumbersome. Many businesses rely on Mobile Service Providers to manage their telecom accounts. With only the two telecommunications companies in the UAE getting good quality of support of services is sometimes more troublesome than the problems the company is experiencing.

By allowing a Mobile Service Provider in Dubai to manage your mobile services account you remove the headache of dealing with customer service representatives. Many Mobile Service providers in Dubai provide a high quality of services to include coming to your office to manage your account for you and to even pick up your payment to pay your bill.

Account managers from Mobile Service Providers usually are well versed in the plans of the telecommunications companies that they are representing. By having your own personalized account manager that knows your business he/she will be able to choose the right plans and packages for your business.

COMMit is partnered with du Telecommunications and was voted 2014 Top du Partner. COMMit has a group of du Representatives that visit clients on a regular basis offering du Mobile Services. Many of COMMit representatives are former du employees offering a very professional account manager staff to its customers. COMMit has du Kiosks and offices throughout Dubai. Contact us today to have a professional du Representative from COMMit visit your office to discuss your du account or to set you up with a new account.


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