The impact of Cloud Computing and Managed Services

Cloud Computing and Managed Services has had a big impact on the world’s computing industry. With more and more advanced technologies coming from industry companies are finding Cloud Computing and Managed Services are saving them thousands of dollars yearly. Good managed services along with cloud computing are potential growth factors for your business.

The impact of the two services has caused new and advanced technologies to arise from the IT industry. Many large software companies have already moved their product to cloud services. Adobe moved to Adobe Air and then went directly to the cloud with all of its products in Adobe Creative Cloud. Microsoft took its software to Office 365. You can now get all of your Office Products to include your Exchange services from Microsoft’s Office 365.

The world is seeing Cloud computing and Managed Services as the way of the future and many companies have already moved over to them. Finding out what is available for you here in the UAE means contacting your local IT Services Provider.

COMMit is an IT Services Provider in the UAE and offers Cloud Computing and Managed Services. COMMit offers Cloud Backup, IaaS, and Colocation as a part of its Cloud computing services. COMMit is partnered with Microsoft, Adobe, and du Telecommunications amongst a few to offer their managed services. COMMit has a large database of customers taking its Cloud Computing and Managed Services. Contact us today to discuss your Cloud Computing and Managed services needs and let us show you how we can impact your IT Infrastructure. COMMit has reached Gold in many of its Partnerships and strides to reach them in all of them. COMMit can offer you the best IT Services in the UAE.


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