Need of PABX Installation to customize your Communication Requirements

A PABX installation customized to fit your business model can improve your business and simplify your telephony needs.  Installed correctly you will have a user friendly telephony experience.  Installed wrong and you can miss out on all of the great features of the PABX.

A good IT Integration company will setup your PABX with all of the available features you need regardless of the manufacturer.  If the PABX offers it you should be able to use it.  A correctly installed PABX can allow you to easily setup call forwarding, or to have or not have voice mail.  A correctly installed PABX will have user friendly features available right on each phone.

CISCO is the leader in manufacturing PABXs.  CISCO PABX may be considered the best but with a good Annual Maintenance Contract from your IT service provider your PABX can be managed remotely for any changes you may need due to new staff coming on board.   Regardless of your brand or preferences a professional IT Integration and Service provider will be able to install and manage your preferred PABX.

COMMit is an IT Integration and IT Services Provider.  COMMit is a Cisco Premium Partner going Gold.  COMMit has IT engineers certified in most brands of PABXs.  COMMit can install and manage your PABX in regards to your business needs.  COMMit offers Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) that will fit your budget requirement.  COMMit offers free remote management with its AMCs.  COMMit’s remote management team can make any changes to your PABX per your business requirements.  COMMit’s AMCs offer onsite, offsite and remote support.  COMMit engineers are currently setting in offices of very prominent businesses in the UAE and with many AMCs support COMMit offsite

Contact COMMit so we can come install your PABX to customize your communication requirements.  Regardless of the brand we can install and manage it.


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