Rent the Services of Audio Visual Companies in Dubai for Global Video Conferencing

Global Video Conferencing has become a vital part of corporate business today.  Many businesses don’t have the luxury of a video conference room.  Certain audio visual companies in Dubai offer there video conference rooms for rent to companies with the need of video conferencing, training or even for presentations to potential clients.

A video conferencing room can cost 1000s to install and setup.  For offices with no space for one the option to add one is not available.   Many companies aren’t aware that renting audio visual companies offer rentals.  Both IT services providers and business centers around Dubai offer audio visual rooms for rent.

If you have a requirement to host or be a part of a global video training conference or if you just need to have a video conference with a potential client in another location renting a Video Conferencing room could be very efficient for you need.  Maybe you just need to give a potential customer a presentation on your business or product.   A professional decorated rented conference room can give your client the image you need to win him/her over.

A search on the internet can land you many different audio visual companies in Dubai offering you a conference or video conference room.  You should inquire on its size and the list of equipment offered per your requirement.

COMMit is an audio visual company and IT Services provider.  COMMit has a nicely decorated video conferencing room with a 4 screen video wall.  COMMit has Polycom devices for conferencing and video conferencing.  COMMit’s large conference table sits 10 persons.  The video conference room has the video wall or projector and automatic screen for your convenience.  The lighting is adjustable and the windows have curtains.  The rentals will meet your budget.  Contact us today to reserve the room for your next event.


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