What is IaaS and how can it benefit your Business?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is form of cloud computing where you install all of your infrastructure into a cloud environment.   With your entire infrastructure in the cloud you will have a worry free IT experience.  IaaS saves you space, money, and time. With IaaS you don’t have to have a dedicated server room and the expenses that come with it. Your IaaS solution can include everything in your typical IT infrastructure to include your telephony services.

By going with an IaaS solution you are not responsible for any hardware maintenance. All of the hardware is maintained and replaced by the solution provider. The shelf life of IT hardware on an average is 3 years.  After 3 years the most expensive components need to be replaced to be supported by the manufacturer.  Every 3 years this is a very large cost to your business not including the maintenance cost involved during those 3 years. Hardware and it’s maintenance for IT infrastructure is very costly.  An IaaS solution will take this revolving cost out of your capital budget.

An IaaS solution should be bought with a prominent solution provider in a prominent data center.   Many companies establish your IaaS solution in other places in the world. You should choose a solution provider that can keep your IT infrastructure in your country. You should be able to investigate or audit the data center where your IaaS solution provider is proposing to install your IaaS solution.

After the audit of the potential data center you should know the security procedures and cautions taken at the facility. The backup power supply and the disaster recovery policies should be made aware of. You should be completely comfortable with your IaaS solution being managed by the solutions provider and the data center where the IaaS solution is being stored.

COMMit is an IaaS solutions provider.  COMMit’s “COMMit in the Cloud” offers an IaaS solution which is located at the world renowned Equinix Data Center here in Dubai. COMMit can take you on a tour of the facility to ease your mind of security or down time concerns.  Equinix’s data center has a 99% uptime guarantee with its own power generation backup in case of a catastrophic disaster.  You and your global branches can access your IT infrastructure regardless of location. Your data is completely encrypted while being transferred. COMMit in the Cloud also offers Client and Server backup for your local IT infrastructure needs.


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