PABX Installation: Highly Effective Tool for Large Businesses

Companies today use telephony solutions for effective marketing and sales through tele-calling. Sales margins have been raised simply through tele-calling. Advanced technology in telephony equipment has improved the solutions available for businesses.

A PABX or Private Automatic Branch Exchange is used to multiply a single line into many outgoing and incoming lines. A PABX allows your receptionist to act as an operator on your telephone service directing calls to staff extensions. This allows everyone to have their own phone set whether than one line to one desk.

A PABX installation is a highly effective tool for your large business. A PABX enables multiple staff to receive and make calls on your company’s behalf. The face of your business can be seen through staff making tele-calls to hundreds of customers daily. Through PABX Installations your business can be introduced globally many times over each day by staff calls. Large businesses today depend on PABX Installations to get their business out to their customers. Customers also come to your business through your PABX installation.

PABX’s come with many solutions allowing you to get exactly what you need for your business. Configured correctly a PABX can be a great tool to have in the office. The leading brand in PABXs is manufactured by CISCO. Only a certified CISCO engineer can correctly configure your CISCO PABX. Other brands include Panasonic, Asterisk, AVAYA, 3COM, and NEC. There are many brands to choose from to fit your budget.

COMMit is an IT and Telecom solutions provider. COMMit can give you the right solution for your PABX requirements that meet your PABX needs. COMMit is partnered with most product manufacturers and has certified engineers to configure most PABXs available. COMMit has multiple CISCO certified engineers available to configure and install your new CISCO PABX. Contact COMMit today to discuss the best PABX installation.


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