Tips to Building the Right IT Infrastructure in Dubai!

Your IT Infrastructure is an important part of your business. Without a proper IT Infrastructure lost revenue is certain to occur. Building a proper IT Infrastructure starts with knowing your business structure and its needs to succeed. An IT Infrastructure designed and configured correctly will enable you and your staff to perform at a much higher standard improving your bottom line.

Building the right IT Infrastructure in Dubai consists of knowing exactly what your business requires and using an IT Service provider capable of consulting with you on those requirements and able to provide the right solution.

The Right IT infrastructure will consist of a firewall device configured properly to protect your IT infrastructure. The firewall device will be connected to a high quality managed switch which allows you to connect multiple access points to distribute IPs. Your IT infrastructure’s datacenter will include multiple patch panels connecting all of the work station devices to the IT Infrastructure. Your telecom patch panel will be supplied from your PABX which is connected to the switch. Your PABX will be configured to the requirements of your business telecom services and its staff requirements. The data patch panel will supply an IP to your workstations and access to your servers. Your server or servers will be designed and configured with the proper software, space and speed to make sure your business’s data is stored with the right access and speeds. Your access control devices may be connected into your data center along with your CCTV devices. Your AV and tele-presence devices may also be included. All of the managed devices will be supplied power from a backup power source.

The prior tips for building the right IT Infrastructure give you the idea of how your IT Infrastructure should be built. Your IT Infrastructure will need to be well maintained under an Annual Maintenance Contract from an IT Infrastructure Service Provider. Your IT Infrastructure should be backed up into an offsite secure cloud service.

COMMit is an IT Infrastructure Service Provider offering complete design, configure and build of IT Infrastructures. COMMit has completed 1000s of projects which include standard and complex IT Infrastructure designs. COMMit is certified and ready to build your IT Infrastructure. Contact us today to discuss your IT Infrastructure solution.


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