Top Reasons Why Companies Switch to IT Services

Countries with enhanced and upgraded infrastructures and altering economic paradigms like the UAE have advanced through the technologically suave SMEs and MSMEs. IT Officers and leaders in these business organizations are facing a constant dilemma regarding the IT operations in the venture. They are forced to bring about an alteration in the processes, taking in to consideration the range of tasks that they are expected to perform. They have to think about the technology investments that would help the organizations for a long term, while imparting the requisite business value to such an investment. Moreover, looking for an IT landscape for sustaining the future disruption has become an indispensable job for today’s IT departments. The heterogeneous and complex nature of the technology is making the matters additionally tough and time-consuming.

• Businesses in the UAE or any other advancing country for that matter have mandatory IT tasks take up the valuable time of their IT executives. Instead, this time could be better used for strategic IT planning. This forms one of the prime reasons to look for a change. Another prominent factor is the insufficient IT budgets. A major chunk of the money is spent towards the day-to-day business operations, hardly saving anything for other requirements. In such a scenario, it is only practical to involve IT service providers in UAE and avail their support.

• By being there to resolve the mundane IT hurdles on regular basis, IT services grant a higher success in the operations for small to medium businesses in UAE or similar economies. This helps to bring down the amount of time and resources spent in keeping up with the business operations. The real figures of cost-cutting reveal around 30 to 40% savings. The direct result is at least 50 to 60% of boost in the business efficiency related to the operations.

• IT services not only take off a function from the organizational set-ups but perform to deliver more than just a service. They are the ones who help you in pointing out the problems before they can cause a big operational issue or an outage which apparently is not affordable at any stage for any business. Network monitoring, hardware optimizations along with security management on routine schedule establish a sure-certainty in the operations with almost 0% chances of disasters.

• These advantages are already known in the business circles, so what exactly is the fresh benefit in today’s business situation? Earlier IT services meant absolute technological worth and value. But today the proposition has changed to involve operational elasticity, too, which has its exclusive benefits in today’s trade scene. Thus, the IT service premise has shifted the base from service-level partners to business-level interactions. Primary effects of such arrangements show added cost savings through IT.

Companies with outsourced-IT can aggressively target their core business competencies. In addition to this, they grab at the opportunity to cut IT-related costs due to redundancies and IT infrastructure expenses. With better chances at budgeting, IT automation and business success through absolute alignment of IT to the business processes, companies can hardly miss out on the lucrative opportunity-switching to IT Services.


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