Why You Need CCTV Solutions to Monitor Your Home or Office?

As the crime landscape is spreading wide it has become essential to introduce modern techniques of area security management, namely CCTV solutions. CCTV solutions perform to enable you with extra pairs (as many as you need) of real-time eyes to monitor your office, factory or home premises.

• The basic CCTV or Closed circuit television system consists of a video camera connected to a monitor. The camera captures video and audio data and gives a feed to the monitor for real time surveillance or record purpose, and the recordings can be replayed with various special settings in order to get the required information.

• Video cameras are offered in various forms and shapes in order to align with a particular application. There are outdoor and indoor versions of the cameras. Usually, outdoor versions are weather-proof varieties with hard break-proof casings which are installed in open air to carry out surveillance of high-risk open areas.

• Real time monitoring has assisted in controlling crime rates, since CCTVs provide an opportunity of substantial proof of a mal-activity through its recording. CCTVs present an affordable, flexible and easy option over other security measures.

• Ready availability of reliable systems with reasonable costs is another factor which justifies its use. As the cost of electronic components and related hardware has evolved through continuous innovations, CCTV systems present an affordable option. CCTV Solution Companies in Dubai offer latest versions of the equipment with state-of-the-art integrations and quality.

• Along with serving as scarecrows for your homes and offices in order to keep crime at bay, the systems bestow a security measure which runs 24X7 in all seasons. One can watch the recordings anytime and anywhere. Through on-line access facilities, it has become very easy to remotely monitor your premises, while you are partially engaged in other chores or away from the premises for any reason.

• The models with in-built Infra-red day-night cameras are used where constant surveillance is necessary like the military applications or very high security areas. Dome cameras merge in the surroundings and so, go unnoticed by the passers, thus used in public areas.

• Bullet-casings characterize the bullet cameras which are integrated, rugged and water-proof varieties in order to be used in residential and commercial settings. Cameras used for secret surveillance of theatres, stores and other public places come with in-built recorders along with broadcasting capabilities.

• Tilt versions are used where automatic rotations can help get significant information for certain applications. The size, shape and other characteristics like break-proof, smoke-proof, and hidden determine their specific use in home, factory or office set-ups.

The cameras are either connected to a monitor or a set of monitors through the co-axial or fiber-optic cables to give us wired varieties of the equipment. Single area can be surveyed from varied locations through such an arrangement. Wireless equipment of cameras and monitor sets communicate through radio signals and are employed where wired equipments are not practical owing to the large distances.


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