The Most Advanced Type of PABX Systems

Businesses need various enabling devices to speed up as well as ease out the comprehensive business processes. IT systems, telecommunication advances and the networking technologies are some of the important business utilities, without which the business processes won’t operate with the expected force. In this write-up, I wish to bring your attention to the important advances in the phone technologies through the state-of-the-art PABX systems. And, while we are at it, let us take up a brief study of the varied phone systems prevalent in the current generation business set-ups.

•    Selecting the right kind of phone along with the supporting strategy is indeed a crucial decision, as businesses depend on the phones at large, for client communication. A perfect phone system not only carries out communication in a sophisticated manner but also bestows a professional characteristic to a company through feature-rich systems with limited or no interruptions.

•    Generally, a phone system depends on the size of a company and the number of employees working there. And, with the advanced systems, one can take advantage of advanced features like accounting, different types of mail boxes and others for increased efficiencies and ease.

•    Business set-ups generally use Key system unit, Private automatic branch exchange or the PABX systems. Nowadays, even the Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is widely used phone system in the industry. The basic systems like the Key system unit is a switching instrument, where the phone line is selected manually to connect the right person on the line, and the maximum limit for this is up to 40 users. However, due to the inadequate flexibilities, these systems are rarely in practice now.

•    The most advanced phone systems widely used in the business set-ups are the newer PABX or the Private automatic branch Exchange telephone systems. And, PABX installation in Dubai presents all the variations in the domain along with the latest features. These have varied capabilities of conference calling, transferring calls, auto dialling features, and other useful characteristics like call accounting and support for fax, modems and so on.

•    The PABX systems are essentially hardware devices with switching functionalities and programming characteristics. They can be installed on-site or can be remotely operated through hosted facilities and support more than 40 users at a time. This makes them perfect for small to medium businesses.

•    Businesses which do not wish to have the hardware installed in their premises can choose the hosted version, which saves costs of installations and maintenance. The PABX systems prove to be ideal communication device for enterprises which have a constant flow of customer calls for enquiry or other purposes.

•    The VoIP phones use the internet, computer and of course, a reliable VoIP provider to carry out telecommunication. This system is perfect for those enterprises who deal with highest number of international calls for their operations. One can choose between the hosted and the on-site version, as preferred.

Choose wisely to take advantage of the latest phone systems which suit your business scale and domain.


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